Benifits of using games to teach English for children

In teaching activity, the teachers must generate interest and comfortable atmosphere in class to appeal children. To do that, it requires them to apply the various activities in each lesson such as teaching songs, playing games, using chants, etc. These activities not only help the teachers equip their students knowledge but also assist them easily understand the lesson. In this short writing, I would like to share my thoughts of the good effects on using games to teach English for kids.

There are many popular games which we use in class: guessing the mime, bingo, freely bag, snatch game, for example. Most of them are easily to conduct and bring the good effects on children. Firstly, they generate fun and the comfortable place to motivate students to learn. For instant, the game “slapping board” would attract students’ attention very much at the beginning of the lesson. They would feel free to participate in the tasks without hesitation or fear. Secondly, through the game children can improve their vocabulary, practice using words and phrases as well as grammatical structures. As the result, students’ pronunciation ability would be enhanced very much. Thirdly, thank to taking part in games, children have a lot of chance to communicate a different language with their classmates and teacher. It means that they are practiced English frequently to increase accuracy and fluency in communication. Besides, games also bring to pupils many benefits of developing their skills. Obviously, games build on children hearing and understanding ability the general rules through listening teacher’s instruction. If students gasp the rule after listening what the teacher talk, they can carry out their exercise easily. On the other hands, pupils also have chance to work in pairs or teams not only work individually. They would be free to share their experiences, ideas or thoughts and try to complete their task. That means they show the high responsibility for their work when they participating in game. Lastly, kids would be experienced as the role of players such as leaders, reporters, etc. Therefore, they become more flexible and active in learning and other activities.

In conclusion, games have many good effects on teaching English for children. The teacher should carefully study to apply the most suitable game for each task to get the best result.

That’s all my share about using game in teaching English for young learners. Please visit and leave your comment on my writing. Thanks a lot!


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