As you know, using teaching aids has an important role in teaching English for students. It not only brings funny atmosphere but also makes the result of lesson more effectively. In this writing, I will share you two useful teaching aids such as chalkboard and teacher.

Firstly, do you know why chalkboard is considered a useful teaching aid? Because it has many advantages in teaching:

–         Teacher writes the main points of lesson on the chalkboard.

–         The chalkboard is inexpensive, especially when the usable life of the board is considered.

–         Using chalkboard to make a drama, play games such as slap the board or show students works.

–         The visual communication of the chalkboard directs attention of the class to the purposes of the lecture or discussion. Through chalkboard, the students can improve or develop their thinking ability and visualize their own ideas.

Secondly, another teaching aid I want to mention is teacher. When teaching English, you can use yourself as a teaching aid through gestures, body language, movement, and eye contact. In the class, teacher has many roles such as:

–         A model: teacher does the first time as a sample and then students do again.

–         A real- object: teacher uses body language, gesture or a part of body to perform in front of the class.

–         A role- player: teacher becomes a singer, a composer, a friend, a storyteller, or an actor. Teacher is a guide help students do exercises or play games in the class.

In conclusion, when teaching English in the school, especially for children, you should apply sample example, or something involved to students that make them feel excited and the lesson has an effective result. Thus, chalkboard and teacher are convenient and useful teaching aids in the class.

This is my experience I want to share you.

Thank you for your reading!!!



  1. Hi Hong!
    First, I want to say thank you for your sharing. I have read about your writing and I feel that you are right. I agree that the role of the teacher and chalkboard in the classroom is important. In a class we can not study without teachers and chalkboard. We only need the teacher and chalkboard so that we can learn if facilities are not good. In addition, teachers and the boards have many other roles, you can add some lists. Through your writing, we can know some advantages of the teacher and chalkboard but you can add more to see that in the class, we can see diverse roles between teachers and board. This is my opinion, thank you your writing.

  2. Hi, Hong
    Firtsly, I want to say thank for your sharing! And I have some comments for you.
    Your writing is very easy to understand because you often use the simple sentences and simple structures. In your writing, you show some roles of chalk board and teacher, it’s good. Moreover, you also give some examples to approve your ideas and I can learn from this. However, I think your writing is not analyzed deeply, so everyone don’t feel interested. Thus, sometimes, you should combine some complex sentences with simple sentence to make the best result. You should also analyze each of part more clearly and give the example for each.
    Lastly, I want to say again thank for your sharing!

  3. Thanks for your posting. After reading your writing I have some comments for you: Firstly,you talk about blackboard as an important teaching aid. I agree with your ideals. It is useful for me to know this, Besides this, you use the language that is easy to undertand. However I think you should talk a little about the way how to use blackboard, which is useful for you as well as the teachers in the near future. Secondly, you present the teacher as an intergal teaching aid. I think it is effective, the role of teacher is really effective: a model, a real-objec, a role-player. But I think you should give examples to support for you ideals. I think you should describe your writing in more details. This is my suggestions. I hope they are useful for you. Thanks for your sharing.

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