Chalkboard, teacher and student are as useful teaching aids.

As you know, chalkboard, teacher and student are needed elements of a class/lesson. Therefore, using them as teaching aids is a great idea. Today, I will share something about using them as teaching aids effect.
Firstly, chalkboard is an available element at each of the class from the primary schools to universities, and the teacher uses it to introduce, impart information or the content of the lesson to student. The teacher can use chalkboard as a stage (sân khấu) to express teacher’s ideas for each their lesson, make the lesson is more attractive. The chalkboard helps the teacher can present the lesson clearly and understandably, control the speech of the lesson easily. In addition, the teacher will able to write short sentences clear, draw the images, the symbols and the charts easy, or decorate easy something on the chalkboard to illustrate and make the lesson is more interesting and attractive. Moreover, chalkboard helps students can see words, sentences clearly, and practice their handwritings better and more effective, because students can hold the chalk easy and reliable than the pen. Because of all, “chalkboard is as an element, which is active, changeable and vivid, is a symbol of brainstorming and analytical thinking”, Professor Christopher Conway (Texas University) has affirmed that.
Secondly, teacher and student are as perfect instructor and model during whole teaching. Firstly, teacher is an instructor and model. During teaching, there are many activities in order to involve student take part in the lesson well. However, student cannot involve the lesson or activities if teacher does not instruct specifically and clearly. To instruct clear and understandable, teacher has to make an example as a model. For example, in a role- play, teacher will be a character in a story, and express, do actions or gestures like this character to help student can imagine about things they will do like that. One other example, when teaching about some human actions, as stand up, sit down, open your eyes, or listen, teachers will express directly, clearly to help student know how to do them. With teacher’s specific actions, teacher will make the lesson is more attractive and vivid, help the lesson is easy to understand and remember. Secondly, student also is a perfect model. Student will do/practice teacher’s requirements. That means, when teacher asks student to take part in role-play in the group three or four people, all student will: divide first the group and the character, read the story to know what the character will do in the story, then act the story again. With this way, student not only will be showing their acting ability but also practice their speaking skill. Student is as a model which help student is more active, flexible improve student’s skills as well as develop student’s natural abilities.
Because of all, chalkboard, teacher and student are useful teaching aids at class.


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