functions of teacher and chalkboard

Be an English teacher of primary school, it means that teachers have many functions as well as many possibilities.

Firstly, teachers can become a speaker. Because teachers have to speak all the time, instruct students, ask students to do their tasks… therefore, they must have a strong and loud voice enough. Moreover, in the listening lesson, when students cannot listen and understand what a real speaker says, teachers now are an instead speaker to help them understand clearly about the records.

Secondly, they can become an actor or actress. Of course, when teachers ask students to practice a role- play, there must be an example for them to follow. It is time for teachers to express their acting but how to act successfully and interestingly is also which we have to learn.

Be a singer or poet. Teachers also can become a singer. It is when students have musical lessons or breaks with songs. Teachers have to perform first instead of using records. There can be outage time, so that teachers can be a real singer instead of radio. That is the reason why teacher have to know many songs or maybe poems

Teacher can become a storyteller. It is sure when we say that storyteller is very important with primary students. Is it an important part in their studying. Not only used for knowledge but also for entertaining. Teachers are storytellers because they have to tell story for children very often. So that, they need a clear and strong enough voice.

Chalkboard is also important in teaching- an important teaching aids.

Firstly, it is used as a scene, where teacher and student practice and perform many activities such as role- play, singing, telling, dancing, etc…

Secondly, it is which teacher can stick anything that serves for the lesson such as pictures, flashcards.. furthermore, teacher can use it for main purpose, write knowledge on it or summarize what students have just learned.

On the other hand, teacher can use it as the stage where an exhibition is held. All the things students do for any activities can be shown there and they can review.

To sum up, teachers and chalkboard have many interesting purposes and it can bring effective lesson or not, it is up to the creation of teachers.



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