pictures as teaching aid

There are many materials used as teaching aids in teaching English skills. They may be some things such as blackboard, pictures, tapes, or even be human such as teacher, student. As we knew, children very like colorful things so pictures is one of the best teaching aids to teach vocabulary, speaking, and others.

Pictures are kinds of visual instruction materials might be used more effectively to develop and sustain motivation in producing positive attitudes towards English and to teach or reinforce language skills. Pictures attract children and motivate them like to learn English so pictures are unlikable things to teach and learn English.

Picture is visual presentation of human, places, or things. The use pictures are more effective than the use words because they are easier to remember and retell. Children can see pictures, recall and retell or describe a human, a place, a thing or a specific situation that is shown in picture. It is much clearer than remembering boring words.

Pictures are used popularly in teaching vocabulary. Teacher can use pictures to help student be albe to guess and remember meaning of words easilly. The use of pictures make the vocabulary learning more enjoyable and interesting because they can memories the meaning of the difficult words by singing the song with the pictures as key words and without asking another person or looking them up in the dictionary. Pictures reduce difficulties in teaching and learning new words.

Moreover, pictures are also used in teaching pronunciation and structures. For example, teacher can give a series of action pictures and repeat the same question and the answer “what is he/she doing?” or “what are they doing?” and the answer may be “he/she is + V-ing” or “they are + V-ing”. That is very effective.

Beside, teacher can use pictures to retell a story. Children can hold the content of story very quickly by see pictures. Teacher uses pictures to play a game, asks students to arrange the order of pictures base on story she told. That makes student easier to understand and remember the story and they are able to retell it.

In conclusion, the use pictures is one of the best teaching aids to teaching and learning English. They not only make class become more active and alive, but also help student learn English easily.


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