Some knowledge about Brain based research of children (week 2)- writer: Nguyễn Thị Diệu Ngân

Hello everybody! Last week, we’ve learnt about some Brain based research for the children. It is the first time I hear this words. So, I think this term seems very new to us. Firstly, I can’t understand what does it refer? But after listening guide of out teacher, I can get some useful information of Brain based research to apply for young learners.
Firstly is the experience shape the brain. The child’s brain is shaped not only by genes but also by experiences. Thus, the child’s brain develops each and every day and being influenced by the environment and experiences you provide. I think that, teacher can help students develop the potential . It means that teacher can chose suitable methods for the lessons. For example, teacher can provide multiple activities to stimulate their children.
Secondly, learning invaluable feelings for children. Children differ the adult from that they can’t understand many things. They are often mischievous, some time, they disobedient. When teaching a child, beside provide the knowledge for them, teacher also help improve the children’s personality . As a result, when teaching them, you need to endure. Besides, to encourage students who have good behavior, you should give compliment. Children need to hear that we believe in them and that they can be whatever they want to be. The encouraging’ words can help your young learners become more confident and interested in studying. Students who have something like misbehavior, you need to have suitable ways to punish them. Attention that children are vulnerable, so based on the characteristics of each students, you can chose an agreeable ways to punish.
Finally, remembering is small sensory. The most important here is teacher have to chose the best methods for the lesson. There are many kinds of methods. For example, teacher can use pictures, videos, songs, sounds, telling a stories, even though role plays. It helps students easy to understand and memorize the lesson quickly. It also increases the interesting for students.
Here are some information I think that we can apply into teaching English for young children. I hope that, after this course, I can get more information about young learners and have good skills to teach them.


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