Teacher and chaclkboard are useful teaching aids

tải xuốngHi guys! I’m Thuong. Today, I have some information about the role of teacher and chalkboard as the teaching aids which want to share with you. As you know, chalkboard and teacher is the elements that are indispensable in a class. When we consider the role of teacher and chalkboard as the teaching aids, we can find out some interesting thing that we always overlook in teaching process.

When we consider teacher as the primary teaching aid, we can find out that:

Firsly, The most important role of teacher is an instructor. The duty of all teachers is to convey knowledge to students. They instruct students how to learn better by using teaching methods.

Secondly, teacher is a manager which makes the attention of students in classroom. Teachers also manage the students’ behavior as well as all the activities of students, such as let students keep silence when they make noisy and don’t concentrate on learning.

In some case, teacher defiantly can become a singer, painter, composer, storyteller or even if and dancer. To make the students interest in leaning, teachers add some song, chant, poem, picture when teaching vocabulary. They make students understand easily. Teacher can not prepare record, video… all the time, so they sometimes sing the song or draw the picture on the board by themselves. By this way, they are singers, painters or composers in classroom.

Next, teachers can be objects. When teachers teach students about parts of the body, they can use their body to teach which easy to help Ss remember.

One more thing is that, teacher can act as a model. When instruct Ss to play a game, teachers do first as the sample to help students understand what they have to do.

One important teaching aid in classroom is chalkboard. Chalkboard is an useful teaching tool that can be use in many cases.

Firstly, chalkboard is the place to help teacher write down the content, main points of the lesson as well as the question, and duty which teacher want Ss to do.

Secondly, it sometimes becomes the place to show students’ exhibition like pictures, hand- made products…

Thirdly, teachers can use the space surrounding chalkboard which consists of pulpit as a stage. Students can act as characters in stories, plays. Especially, this is the place to organize small parties when teacher and students can be singer….

The last thing is that chalkboard support to play game. Teacher use it to hang pictures, maps, chart…in some game like slapping hand, cross word, jump word….

In sum, you can see that teacher and chalkboard are important aids that support learning process of student, so teacher have to fully utilize this thing to help student learn better.


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