teaching aids

There are a lot of teaching aids used in English classroom. Teacher and chalkboard are also considered as useful teaching aids.

A teacher not only plays an important role as an instructor but also takes other responsibilities.

Teacher is a speaker. In English class; especially in speaking lesson, teacher must speak very much. Therefore, her voice must be strong and clear enough for children to hear. For example, when students make noise in the class, teacher must speak louder than they do so that they stop talking. Besides, teacher also read new words or a completed sentence, and then students will listen and repeat. Sometimes, the teacher works as a singer, which she can sing a song or teach English through songs.

Teacher is a storytelling. She will use a combination of different materials such as picture, real object and comic to tell a simple English story. Through this story, students will be motivated their interests and improve the vocabulary.

Teacher is also a presenter. She stands in front of the class and explain about the lesson so that student can understand the meaning of new words or grammar structures. She also must know the way of performing on the board or using slides on the projector to attract children’s attention. To work as a good presenter, the teacher must be confident and well- prepared before the class.

Teacher is a composer. She can design English songs with simple rhythm, chants, poems, short stories or interesting games which are suitable for the children’s level and hobbies.

Teacher is also an actress. Her feeling depends on student’s learning attitude in class.  For instance, when younger learners do not obey or follow teacher’s requirement, the teacher should look quite serious. If they get into any trouble or difficulty, the teacher should encourage and sympathy with them.

It is very necessary to use chalkboard as a teaching aid.

Chalkboard is an ideal stage in English class where student can perform everything such as singing as a singer, acting as an actor and dancing as an artist. The other students are audience.

Chalkboard is a note paper where the teacher can summarize the key points of a lesson. It is easy for students to look at that and get the main content at the end of the lesson.

Chalkboard is a wall where students can hang their picture on to exhibit and show to other students.

Chalkboard is a sticky notes that teacher uses to write tasks and homework

Chalkboard is a place where teacher writes down knowledge, sticks poster, pictures, flashcard, draw diagram, map.

In conclusion, it can be seen that teacher and chalkboard are main elements which make students have a successful lesson in English class.


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