teaching aids

After this lesson, I have learned the teaching aids. As you know, teaching aids plays an important for each lesson. It helps teachers to support their teaching and students to more understand about the lesson.
Teaching aids consist of picture, radio, video and chalkboard that teacher can use to support the lesson. Each of them helps teacher to involve students in the lesson, motivate the atmosphere of the class.
In my writing, this is the use ness of the black board. It is not only the tool to impart the knowledge but also the place for showing student’s work. Students can show their pictures, photographs and homework in front of the class and everyone can give their comment about this. Showing student’s result the chalkboard encourages them to study hard and create more products.
Besides, it is place for student to play some games such as: role play, hang men, cross word, jumble words.
Studying new words and structures through the picture helps student learn better. It is easer to remember when the teachers write the vocabulary on black broad. Teacher can tell a story by some pictures which help students to remember some of the details of story.
Teachers are considered as teaching aid. They can become a singer, a dancer and a story teller. Teachers don’t need a video or a radio when they teach a song. In stead of this, teacher can sing and instruct students to follow. While teachers singing, they can dance to support the song and make this song more interesting. Student can imitate the action of the teacher to make eventful atmosphere of the class. Moreover, when teachers tell a story, they can play some characters of story.
In conclusion, to improve quality of education, the teacher is not only the people who impart the knowledge but also the people who awake to indulge in studying by different ways. Among of the ways, using a chalkboard is an effective way that teacher can use flexibly. Besides, teachers play an important role in making enthusiasms of the children.


2 thoughts on “teaching aids

  1. Hi Ngan. My name is Xuan.
    Thank you for sharing. You just have give writing about the role of the teacher and chalkboard in the classroom. I like your idea so much that we imagine how we will teach English without any teaching aids or modern equipments. Actually, it is true that anywhere also has good condition and equipment for learning such as some remote areas. Thus, we are teacher who have to think any situations can happen in the classroom to solve this problem suitably and as soon as possible. Therefore, I really agree with all your ideas which have full meaning with our job in the future.….I think you understood deeply the role of a teacher in class. Teacher can become a singer, narrative , … However, , you need add more imformation in this writing. And you can decrible clearly about role of teacher in class.
    Once more, Thank you for sharing !

  2. Hi Ngan! I’m Nhung. Thank you so much about your sharing. You gave some benefits of chalkboard and teachers to explain why they are regarded as teaching aids. But I have some opinions to share with you. You said, “Teaching aids consist of picture, radio, video and chalkboard”. According to Collins English Dictionary, teaching aids are any device, object, or machine used by a teacher to clarify a subject. I think that “picture, radio, video, and chalkboard” is a specific example to illustrate teaching aids. However, you do not worry. To be honest, your writing is very useful for me. Thanks again.

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