The role of storytelling in teaching- writer: Nguyễn Thị Diệu Ngân

Hi everybody
Last week, we learnt about Brain Based Research and how to apply them to teach children. And this week we’ve learnt the other interesting topic: using storytelling to teach for children.
When I was a child, I like stories very much. I can sit many hours to read story. In my opinion, almost the child often like stories as me. Because stories have characters, props, actions and conflict… Children feel very happy and attractive when they heard or read them. So, I suppose that if teacher use story to teach English, they will get many successful.
Story have an important role. It not only create interesting for children but also help them to get the knowledge. With a story, teacher can introduce new words and structures for children. Moreover, each story have a deep meaning. Thus, through them, teacher can teach their child many useful lesson in out life. In the fact, to be honest, a normal lesson seem very boring and difficulty with a child. So, in the lesson, teacher need to build many activities to entrain students. If not, Ss will not focus on the lesson. Beside the lesson belongs to curriculum, teacher can hold an extracurricular activities such as telling a story, role plays… Base on the activities, T can encourage Ss study English. Thank to the activities, I’m sure that, with the storytelling lessons, Ss will fell very excited and love studying English.
But, it is not easy to make a successful telling stories lesson. Firstly, the teacher have to use images, gesture, animated and find out the way to divide students take part in the lesson.
Beside, the equipment has also a big problem. Almost primary school of our country don’t have enough facilities and have traditional model. Thus, it’s seems very difficult for teacher make a successful lesson. So, when making a storytelling lesson, teacher need consider the facility of their school to hold class and prepare necessary objects to get a good result as they expected when designing the lesson.
Ok, this is my sharing about storytelling. Thank you for reading!


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