Tran Hai Yen-N03. Su pham phap K31

Teacher, student and blackboard as teaching aids

Hi everyone, my name’s Yen. Today, I show you the advantage of teacher, students and blackboard.

As you know, teacher is a person who teaches students the lessons. In addition to teaching, teacher plays an important role in some necessary situation. For instance, she/he can use gestures to describe shapes, actions, movements etc…. Teacher uses eyes contact when students make noise, and move eyes around to take in everything, but teacher should avoid focusing on worst or best student. when  teacher teaches singing for students, she/he plays as a singer. Besides , teacher needs to facial expression, speech, movement, student talks…

For students, they play the learners, besides they can be the actor or actress when teacher requires. For example, after telling a story, teacher can ask some students to play as characters in that story or in some situations that teacher provides. Besides, students can be model objects when teacher needs describe something or explain vocabularies.

In the class, blackboard plays an important role. It is a necessary tool that teacher and students to write down, draw…blackboard can be a project screen when necessary. It will be real object when all class plays a game together. Blackboard is a tool to fix some pictures on it so that teacher can explain vocabularies easily.

To sum up, teacher, students, and blackboard have not only task to teach, learn, write, but also play as teaching aids when necessary. If teacher know benefiting them, she/he is not hard to bring teaching aids from home.


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