TRAN THI THUY SPA – Why tell story?

In teaching process, many teachers choose storytelling to provide knowledge, and this method is really effective and most of kids like learning with it because stories can make them imagine beautiful world with many friendly people and love more the life they have. Therefore, storytelling is regarded as an activity that can transfer emotions and feelings and also can boost thinking capacity. Kids learn more about the world through stories which give not only amount of vocabulary but also give many overviews to help them recognize everything. As a teacher of English, I will choose storytelling in my lesson because of many features of it I knew below. : storytelling is not a tool help parents to take their children into dream but also it is a activity of learning. We can apply this way for teaching process to provide knowledge students effectively and most comfortable. Children will be received these knowledge in naturally throughout many pictures, posters and simply simple words which are very easy to understand to them. Enhance the listening skills of children: Through story which is told by teacher or tape recorder, children listen clearly about pronunciation of words or simple phases , this helps them memorize better. Children listen to stories are exposed to many new words. They may not know what all the words mean, but hearing a story helps them to understand the meaning of the words through context. Increasing knowledge in children: they know more about many things through story. For example, when saying about princess they think of a beautiful, kindful, good…girl because stories tell these characters like this, although the truth is not what story told completely but children always many words to describe things they have listen. Story telling always provides for kids a new vocabulary. Each story mentions each languages field, therefore, amount of words which are given for them are new. At homes, people communicate with limited number of words. But stories will have academic level vocabulary and lot of newer words for the kid to learn. It is easy to teach the meanings of the words as kids learn faster from the context of story. I think that storytelling is the best way to choose when teaching a foreign language, both parents and teacher should apply for teaching kids.


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