Using the Blackboard Effectively!

Image Using the blackboard effectively!

My name is Oanh, today I will give you some reasons why we should chalkboard or blackboard in teaching and how to use it as a teaching aid effectively.

There are various type of teaching aids like visual (poster, picture, etc.), mechanical (laptop, radio…). All of them are very useful for teaching, especially teaching English, however, they can not eliminate the existence of blackboard. I personally think that the blackboard is one of the most elements which is responsible for the success of a lesson, a teacher or for the total failure. Firstly, when the teacher writes clearly the learners will have a great chance to assimilate the lesson better, there will be no confusion among the learners or no spelling problems. You can write up messages, exercises, short texts. You can use your board to provide new words, structures, how a word is used or brainstorm vocabulary. Moreover, you can also summarize the main points of the lesson or give outline for writing, etc. on the blackboard. Questions and problems can be listed on the board. The teacher can use the blackboard for graphs, maps and statistics, etc. It not only provides a lot of scope for creative and decorative word but also helps teacher to focus the attention of her student on the lesson.

Properly used it may be great value in all kinds of teaching. How to you chalkboard effectively?  It is a good idea to divide board into sections. One of this parts can use during the lesson that can be cleaned off and reused. Another parts should be used for important information which can stay there for the whole lesson. For example, teacher could write up a list of the basic aims/activities for the lesson so that your students know what is coming. At the end you can review the lesson aims for students to evaluate what they have learnt.

For older learners you could write up other important information – key grammar points or vocabulary needed for the lesson, etc. With young learners it is better to write this kind of information at the top of the board. Leave the lower part empty for you and the students to write on. Remember they probably won’t be able to reach the top half of the board.

Finally, Be sure you write clearly! Because the chalkboard is considered as the teacher’s face, so it reflects the teacher’s seriousness and assiduity.


One thought on “Using the Blackboard Effectively!

  1. Hi Oanh. I’ve just read your writing about using blackboard effectively. i see your idea but it is not enough. You only mentioned on written fuction of balckboard. Let’s me suggest you some other blackboard’s functions. Blackboard
    * A chalkboard is a stage in which students can perform their songs, dramas.
    * A chalkboard is a wall where students can hang their picture on to exhibit and show to other students.
    * A chalkboard is a colorful picture. Teacher can use color chalk to write
    In one sentence you wrote that ” I personally think that the blackboard is one of the most elements which is responsible for the success of a lesson” I don’t agree with you. In my opinion, teacher is also an important tool in teaching English for children.
    That’s all my ideas. Thanks a lot

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