Chalkboard _ the effective teaching aid.

Any teacher has a better chance to reach their students if they have a suitable teaching style. Much of teacher’s style is based on the way that they present information to students. Therefore, each teacher always try to choose the good teaching tools. As you know, there are various kinds of teaching aids such as: traditional, viasual, and mechanical. The chalkboard is one of the most important aids in the hand of a teacher and it is probaly the most popular and widely used visual aid. Why is it say?

The chalkboard is only a smooth hard panel, usually green or black for writing on with chalk. It is very simple with a large writing area, a writing substance (chalk), and an eraser. Teacher try to use the chalkboard effectively as the meaningful teaching aid. Using a chalkboard helps students develop comprehensively in many fields such as: writing skill, reading skill,…. Teacher allows students to use the chalkboard to becoming concentrated on their own lerning. Teacher can present content in the chalkboard to unfold naturally. The notes that teacher  writes on the chalkboard are essential for students to understand that lesson. The teacher can illustrate the main points of the lesson and questions on the board. This thing helps students follow, understand, and takenote to remember longer and deeper. In addition, the teacher can stick pictures, objects, maps….. on the chalkboard to make the diversity in the lesson. The visual communication of the chalkboard pays attention of the class to the purposes of the lecture or discussion. Through chalkboard, the students can enhance and develop their thinking ability and practice many excercises. Many students can practice their work on the board at one time, so it is easier for teacher to give feedback immediately and save time. Actuallly, the chalkboard is a good teaching aid that bring many advantages, Although, there are many new tools for teaching, the chalkborad always play an important role in teaching ang learning. Nowdays, many teacher use posters, computer,… as teaching aids to support their teaching. But they depend too much on that things. When only having one chalk with the chalkboard , they couldn’t  teach their students the most effectively. Where as the chalkboard has many advantages, but some teachers think that it is old simple teaching aid. Actually , simple is goal that we must achieve.

I hope that the teacher in the future (like us) will use the chalkboard as the best teaching aid to help students develop comprehensively. Thanks for reading.


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