???????????????????????????????????????????Hi, every one. My name is Mai Thi Mai

Have a nice day to you. Today I want to give you some useful information about chalkboard and teacher . I am very happy if you spend your time on reading it and giving some comment.


            The chalkboard is a great tool in teaching ESL students. Even though there are different tools that a teacher can use in the classroom, there are still many schools where blackboards are commonly used by the teacher. “When the chalkboard is used effectively in a lesson, it is not only a valuable visual aid to the pupils. It is also a force making for a sense of unity in the class. When all eyes are focused on the blackboard the class is united with itself and with the teacher in a way quite unattainable if every few minutes the pupils have to look down at maps on the desks in front of them. This sense of unity is important: for reasons which only a psychologist could explain it improve both the teacher’s ability to teach and the pupils’ capacity to learn” (from a handbook for teachers of history in West Africa – Crookall-Evans Ltd)

The chalkboard provides many opportunities for variety and change in a lesson presentation. It is used for the different purposes which depend on teacher’s teaching purpose. There are some ideas for using board as the visual aids.

Firstly, the chalkboard can be used to WRITE. Teachers can write main contents of lesson in the chalkboard. Writing on blackboards help students take note of class. This class notes helps them to study the topic easily at homes or during exams. Moreover, the blackboard is also a tool used to connect parts of the lesson coherently together in order to build student understanding. Teachers can write new words if they are going to introduce new vocabulary. It is a good way to make sure that all students can write them correctly because many students find it difficult for some spellings.

Secondly, teachers can use chalkboard to DISPLAY.  The large surface of the board can be used to display all sorts of items such as posters, pictures, charts and flashcards. The teachers can use displayed pictures in the conversation class and ask their students describe it or encourage their students to write a sentence, paragraph, or a short story. Flashcards can be used for simple matching activities.

Thirdly, the chalkboard can be used to ORGANIZE many different GAMES. Games should be played as warmers, fillers, or lesson ending activities. Some games that we can play on the board are hangman, noughts and crosses (answering questions for O or X), pictogram (draw a picture and guess the word). Using anagrams or jumbled sentences with missing vowels is an excellent way of revising vocabulary.

Finally, the teacher can DRAW in the chalkboard. Teacher does not need to have to be good at drawing. In fact, the worse the drawings are the more fun they are.  Drawing pictures is an important skill for explaining texts and stories to the students.  Teachers also can ask their students out to the board to draw. This is not only a fun activity but also opportunity for teacher to close the students. Other visuals which are useful to draw are maps, a plan of town, or a plan of house, school…

Chalkboard is a great tool in any English classrooms if it is properly used. Teachers can use your board in different activities like discussing, writing, drawing, and presenting new ideas to their tudents.


           Brown, H. Douglas (2007) mentions that teachers can play many roles in the course of teaching and this might facilitate the learning. Their ability to carry these out effectively will depend on a large extend on the rapport they establish with their students, and on their own level of knowledge and skills. An good teacher is by definition one that is fully aware of the group dynamics of a classroom. As Dörnyei and Murphey (2003) explained, the success of classroom learning is very much dependent on how students relate to each other, what the classroom environment is, how effectively students cooperate and communicate with each other, and what roles the teacher and learners play.

In the classroom, teacher’s role is a diverse profession. With the different purposes, teachers can change their role in the classroom. Here are some roles teachers can do:

Firstly, the role of the teacher is as a model or example for children. Each child expects their teachers can be an example or a model for him.  Teacher use their body language to do activities like  famous people such as Michael Jackson, Bill Gates,…and ask learners to  guess their names

Secondly, teacher as a narrator. Telling stories is the good way to teach English for kids. Teacher can find out the stories which are suitable for themes of lesson. For example, to help students know names of some animals, teacher can use a story about the animals to retell.

Thirdly, teacher as a singer. Teachers can sing the songs related to the learning topics in class or sing a song to begin a new lesson. It is also an interesting way to activate or create the exciting atmosphere.

Fourthly, teacher as a presenter. Teachers introduce the main contents of lesson and lead the students on activities of lesson.

Next, teacher as a dancer. Dancing is the interesting and attractive activity in the classroom. However, it is not easy because it depends on the ability of teacher. Remember that teachers don’t have to be a professional dancer but it brings the positive effects. That makes laughter and fun for students.

Then, teacher as a painter. In the vocabulary class, teachers need to help learners understand and remember the meaning of the new words. For example, to teach new words about “human body”, teachers can draw parts of human body in the board. It is effective way for teachers to teach vocabulary.

Besides, teacher as an actor. For instance, in the stories, normally, there are some characters with the different characteristics. To help students image characters, understand the content of story and create the interesting feeling, teacher can act as the characters.

Finally, teacher as a player: teacher can participate in some activities with learners. It is the best way to understand students’ thought and create the friendly and close feeling between the teacher and students

In conclusion, Languages are being developed everyday while the future is constantly changing. Therefore, teachers should not play their role passively. They should change their roles in the classroom. They can play the roles of model, presenter, singer, dancer, painter, player,….That helps more effective class and motivate the participation of students in the activities of the classroom.




  1. Dear my friend,
    Firstly, I want to say thank you for your writing. It is very interresting and useful. I can see that you study carefully about chalkboard when you talk about purposes of it in classroom. You mention 4 roles of chalkboard and 8 roles of the teacher. Moreover, you explain in detail to elicit your ideas. This makes me understand easily. I agree that chalkboard and teacher are two of the most important teaching aids. Besides, I think that when you know much about teaching aids, especially the board and teacher, you can use them effectively for teaching English. However, you made some mistakes in this writing such as “Secondly, teacher as a narrator”, “Thirdly, teacher as a singer”… These sentences have not verb. You should put the verb “act” to complete sentences. Try to write better in the next post. Thank for your post again. Have a nice day!

  2. i have learned a lot from your presentation. but is there any difference between teaching aids and teaching material?

  3. Thank you for this article, it is really an exciting and educative one. God Bless u as u continue to render help to many .

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