Hello. My name is Nhu. This is my writing. Thanks for spending time on reading, and I look forward to your comment regarding my writing.

Teacher’s roles:

I think that teacher is the second mother of students because they spend much time with their teacher. Why do I say this? Because I would like to emphasize the important roles of teacher at school. Teacher is as:

– Controller: The teacher controls learners’ activities and decides which activities students would do.

Adviser: The teacher encourages students to take part in activities and gives suggestions about how students should do. However, the teacher should help students only when necessary.

Resource: The teacher is like a kind person who is ready to help students if needed or necessary by providing them with whatever language they are short when performing communicative activities. Besides, the teacher is also as a dictionary that learners can find knowledge.

Assessor: In this role, the teacher monitors activities that students are participating and how well students are performing or how well they performed. Feedback and correction of the teacher are very necessary.

Organizer: It is an important role of teacher. It is also a difficult one. The success of learners’ activities depends on the teacher’s organization and students who perform directly. The instructions have to be simple and easy for the students to follow. The teacher can be a model, singer…. They are smart instructions. Moreover, the teacher needs to have suitable way of organizing to help learners get the best success.

Partner: This role improves the atmosphere in the class when the teacher takes part in activities with students. The teacher is a partner, so learners will feel that their teacher is very friendly.

Chalkboard’s functions:

“When the chalkboard is used effectively in a lesson, it is not only a valuable visual aid to the pupils. It is also a force for making for sense of unity in the class. When all eyes are focused on the blackboard, the class is united with itself and with the teacher in a way quite unattainable if every few minutes the pupils have to look down at maps on the desks in front of them. This sense of unity is important: for reasons which only a psychologist could explain it improves both the teacher’s ability to teach and the pupils’ capacity to learn” (From a handbook for teachers of history in West Africa). Therefore, it can be said that chalkboard is a link between the teacher and student. Thus, How does it connect? or What is the functions of chalkboard in teaching?

The main functions of chalkboard are:

–         To stimulate

–         To instruct by visual means

–         To reinforce the spoken or read word…

–         To summarize and remind

In detail:

–         The teacher can illustrate the main points of the lesson on the chalkboard

–         Questions and answers can be listed on the chalkboard

–         Learners’ interact in class activities can be stimulated by writing and drawing on the chalkboard

–         The teacher can use the chalkboard for maps, pictures, graphs…

–         The chalkboard provides lots of opportunities for creative and decorative work of the teacher and students

–         The chalkboard helps the teacher to focus his/her students’ attention on what he/ she is displaying in the classroom.

–         Especially, the teacher can erase everything and start a new one easily, so it is very convenient.

In conclusion, as Temple Grandin said: “I can not emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher”, it means that a good teacher has many important roles. Besides, success of the teacher usually relates the good lesson and display in front of or on the chalkboard. Therefore, let’s make the chalkboard be useful for our teaching, teachers! The chalkboard can be the window to the world.


Thank you so much!


One thought on “TEACHER and CHALKBOARD

  1. Hi, Nhu. My name’s Vu Phuong Thao. I have read your writing, and I actually like it. You make the writing become more clearly and it is easier for me to undersatnd. You mention to the role of a teacher : controller, adviser, resource, partner, and oraniger. I see it is right. And, do you think that teacher as teaching aid? In the class, the teacher is similar to other teaching aids to help students in learning process. What do you think about this thing? You can think more and mention in your writing.
    Morover, I read about functions of the chalkboard that you had mentioned. The chalkboard is a good teaching aid. It is better if you give more information to show that how is the chalkboard good? I think so. Thank for your writing.

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