Teaching aids (Nguyễn Thị Hương k33)

Using modern equipments is common today. However, no every place has conditions to equip these things. Therefore, teachers need to use what is available in the classroom. It is the chalkboard and teacher.

Chalkboard is perhaps one of the most useful teaching aids available to us and can be used without special preparation. Given the ordinary arrangement of space in the classroom, the blackboard has been related to the “teacher-centred” tradition: the teacher, in front of the blackboard, standing opposite the students, who are facing the blackboard as a reference. Using chalkboards in teaching improves teaching effectiveness, classroom management and student academic success.

Firstly, teacher can write words, sentences on the chalkboard. In addition, the board is the effective place for students and teacher to practise handwriting.

Sencondly, chalkboard can be a place to students and teacher hang the picctures, map, graghs,…

Thirdly, we can draw pictures, tables, symbols,…

The next, teacher can easily take note the ideas of students in short and chalkboard can serve easily for brainstorming activity. If the ideas are wrong, we can delete them quickly.

Finally, chalkboard can be used to play game such as: slap board game, matching, drawing game, vocabulary game, sorting game, tic tac toe game, etc…

Teacher is also a teaching aid. It is simplest because we do not need money investment. Teacher can creat many activities.

Firstly, teacher can make model to discribe the actions, and even teacher can make the real object as origami, object shaping,… so as that students can understand them.

Sencondly, teacher can also draw pictures, shapes, …If teacher have aptitude for painting, it is very good for teacher.

Thirdly, entertainment is an important part of the lesson, teacher can sing and dance with students. It creates the interesting atmosphere in the class.

The next, the voice of teacher is used very effectively. Teacher will change their voice in different situations. For example, the voice is soft and rhythmic when telling story, the voice is louder when the class is noisy or when teacher wants to agitate the atmostphere, …

Finally, teacher’s eye contact and facial expression can attract the attention of students or teachers can use them to get the sympathy of students.

Thanks for your reading and I am very glad if you give me your comments.

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