Teaching Aids: Teacher & Blackboard

The chalkboard is perhaps one of the most useful visual aids and can be used without special preparation. Although there are many different tools that a teacher can use in the classroom, it is still commonly used by the teacher.


It provides a simple way to write something that can be seen by all students without electricity, preparation like project or a big of paper.

Something written on the board is easy to list, reorganize, delete, add and rewrite.

Students can do practice or write the answer on the board, allowing the teacher to give feedback immediately.

A chalkboard can used with various colored chalk to illustrate the lesson or highlight the main idea.

It helps the teacher to focus and illustrate the main points of the lesson.

Questions and problems can be listed on the blackboard.

A teacher can use the chalkboard for graphs, picture, maps, timeline, and statistics, etc.

Teacher can draw to illustrate lesson.

A chalkboard can be used for competitions to write point of groups, name of competition, list of requirements, etc.


Teacher as a manager: manage activities of students, manage the classroom, etc.

Teacher as a guide: teacher give instruction for the activities or the tasks.

Teacher as an instructor, who imparts information to students.

Teacher as a consultant, from whom learners can ask questions.

Teacher as a commentator: give feedbacks, comments

Teacher as a model of target language.

Teacher as an orchestra leader, directing and controlling the language behavior of the students.

Teacher as a facilitator who establish situations to promote student’s communication.

Teacher as an adviser, an answerer, a monitor and a co-communicator.

Teacher as a singer, painter, actor, musician, poet, etc.

In conclusion, although there are many visual aids, chalkboard and teacher always are useful visual aids in a class.


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