How to motivate our students

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Hello everyone!
Today I want to share with you about motivation and how to motivate our students effectively
First of all, let’s see what is motivation?
Motivation is define as the word derived from the word ’motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. Retrieved from In another word, motivation means inside effort and desire that people  think about to achieve their goal.
Motivation is also known the key to success. Furthermore, motivation is consider as a hope or miracle strength which starts an action to create a particular result. Everyone has his own motivation but not all people know the way to motivate themselves to reach their success. In education, motivation is a very important element which encourages students to study better. In this writing I give some ways to motivate students in the class.
Firstly, motivation helps students feel that they are valued members in the class. A person can do something well when we feel we are valued. In another words we feel we can have opportunity or right to do that. A student can do something well when they were encouraged by their teacher and classmate.
Secondly, motivation creates an atmosphere that is positive in the class. A good atmosphere can help students concentrate effectively on the lesson. They can study well when their classmates support them although their effort is not as good as their expectation.
Thirdly, motivation helps students find personal meaning in the class. Everyone is always proud of their personality. That is the reason why we must respect their work. Personal feature is very important for each person. If a person feels their personal feature was not respected, they will be shy and unconfident in the next time
Finally, Make sure that opportunities for students’ success are neither too easy nor too difficult. Opportunity is very necessary to create students’ motivation but it must be suitable with their ability. Students can complete something well when they have opportunity to effort.
To sum up, motivation is very necessary for teaching our student. In order to have a good and effective lesson, the teacher should know how to motivate students.
My writing mainly talks about the motivation and some ways to motivate students in the class. I hope that you take your time to read my writing and give comments.
Many thanks for your attention.


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