Teacher and Chalkboard as the teaching aids

Teaching aids is defined as materials and equipment using in classroom.  They are very important in how well students can learn. Teaching aids can assist students to learn and understand the lesson faster and better. There are various types of teaching aids such as posters, pictures, cards or videos. Among different types of teaching aids, teacher and chalkboard can be seen as the most effective and important teaching aids. They are always available in classroom. It is not a class if there is no teacher, no chalkboard. Today, I want to share with you some information about the ways to use chalkboard and teacher as the teaching aids.

Teacher is considered as a very useful teaching aid. Teacher plays an important role in the classroom.

  • Teacher is a real object: T can use his/ her parts of body to teach vocabulary. He/ she also can use body to demonstrate for students.
  • Teacher is a model: T always performs new knowledge first and then asks students to act follow. It is easier for students to understand and perform the knowledge.
  • Teacher is a player: T sometimes can take part in some activities in the classroom with students such as games or conversations.
  • Teacher is a composer: sometimes, teacher has to design a new song or chant, create new rhythm to teach students.
  • Teacher as a singer: when teaching a new song. It is more effective if the teacher can sing the song without any other equipment ( audio, video, music, …).
  • Teacher is a story-teller:
  • Teacher is a dictionary: teacher must be ready to offer help if needed or providing students whatever language they lack when performing activities.
  • Teacher as a friend: in the classroom, teacher must be friendly with students. He/ she has to make a comfortable environment for students.

Chalkboard is also a very useful teaching aid. It is always available in any classroom. Here are some useful ways to use chalkboard as the teaching aids.

  • Chalkboard is the place where teacher can write down the contents of the lesson as well as the questions, tasks or homework. It is also a place to help students write down their answers of the tasks given by teacher.
  • Chalkboard is a wall where teacher and students can hang posters, pictures or cards. Sometimes they can draw pictures, diagrams, charts or tables.
  • Chalkboard is a wonderful stage where student can perform or act as characters in stories, plays…
  • Teacher also can use the chalkboard surrounding to organize small activities for students.

In conclusion, there are many types of teaching aids. However, in my opinion, teacher and chalkboard are always the most useful and effective ones. They are available in any classroom.


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