Using chalkboard as teaching aid

Hello, I’m Dung, this is my writing. Thanks for your time to read and give some comments on my writing.

Using chalkboard as teaching aids

            Nowadays, most of teacher use modern technology to teach for students such as power point or visual, etc….  It seem that they forget a useful tool in the class, it is the chalkboard. However, some teacher are not good at using computer  and prepare a lesson plan with power point, so they find that their  course preparation takes twice as long as it should, and the results are more often than not unsatisfying. It also makes them feel muffled and absent from the classroom. Why don’t we find good way to use chalkboard as a teaching aid?

Using the chalkboard also encouraged teacher to package or process information for their students with many versatile ways. They could come to class and write bullet points on the board as a starting point, then while interacting with the students, proceed to annotate with symbols (asterisks, arrows, underlining). If they still didn’t get it, teacher could erase and diagram, or erase and do a flow chart. The chalkboard is dynamic, changeable, sensitive, immediate, and completely in the classroom moment. It models note taking and underlines the value of trial and error thinking and brainstorming, skills that are vital to analytical thinking. How to using the chalkboard as teaching aids? .There are some ideas for you to use the chalkboard more effective.

— Using chalkboard to emphasize essential information and develop ideas as the class progresses. This medium includes a large writing area, a writing substance (usually chalk), and an eraser. Allow students to use the chalkboard to become involved in their own learning.

— Underlining the important words, which help students understand more about the lesson.

— Looking at the board sometimes before erasing it.

— Using different color chalk or pens to develop topic, show the parts or build associations

— Using colored chalk to illustrate, draw figures and highlight the spot with diagrams, chats, …

— Improving or developing students thinking ability and visualize their own ideas by using visual communication of chalkboard directs attention of the class to the purpose of the lesson.

Chalkboard is an useful tool, there are many ways to use it to teach for students. I’m not arguing against use PowerPoint as teaching aid. I am just suggesting that the old chalkboard still has something to teach us. If you haven’t tried it recently, you should. It’s the latest thing and you don’t have to plug it into an outlet or find a network to use it


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