Whether learning styles can be changed by educational instructions.

Up to now, there are many arguments around the question “Whether learning styles can be changed by educational instructions?”  Some researchers said that learning styles are set up when we were born; it becomes a permanent part of each individual. On the other hand, others believed that learning styles are made up from personal, cultural and educational factors. Therefore they can change student’s learning styles by giving educational instructions.

In my opinion, I agree with the second viewpoint but not completely. Generally, learning style often associated with human character so our ancestor has ever said: “All men do not follow in the footsteps of their forbears. However, child’s character can be shaped to be good child by educational instructions of their parents, grandparents. Similarly, learning styles of children can be influenced by environment, culture, especially education.

We know that there is variety of learning styles in a class. Most children tend to prefer studying alone at home and even at school. Only when they are in quiet places, do they concentrate on studying. Other children can study at anywhere they want, even at a noisy place.

Being the primary school teacher in the future, we should exploit and give directions to help children find their best learning styles. In this writing, I would like to mention some ways to help children have learning styles in group. For example, teacher should ask children to do tasks, exercises in pairs, tables or groups directly in class. This helps children receive knowledge, interaction and feedback from others.

When I was a student grade 4, my teacher arranged sitting positions in class. She put a boy next to me. She told me that he hadn’t studied Math very well so she wanted me to help him. It was not unexpected when he got better result in that semester. I think this is a good method teacher should use.

The last one is giving exercises and asking children to do in groups at home. Home work exercise may be painting a picture, performing an English song….

Children should not always study alone; they need to have various learning styles to get best result.


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