learning styles, strategies and the effective domain.

After this lesson, I have learned about the styles, strategies, motivation and anxiety. As you know, they are differences affect how learners go about learning.
According to Dr. David Nunan: “ the term learning styles refers to the learner’s natural and preferred way of learning. Learning styles are shaped by personal, cultural, and education factors.” In general, styles are considered as personality. Everybody can choose the most suitable for them. For others, this way may be not good but for me, it is the best way. For example, to learn the vocabularies, some children like singing an English song. Through by a song, they can study some new words and it is easy to remember. However, for other children, they like learning vocabulary by practicing to talk with friends or teachers.
“ Learning strategies are less than abstract than learning styles, and there is some evidence that they are amenable to instruction. Strategies are the mental and communicative procedures learners use in order to learn and use language.”(Dr. David Nunan). Thus, the style is appearance and the strategy is the inside.
Emotion plays an important part in language learning. Emotion feeling consists of motivation and anxiety. Motivation refers to the combination of effort plus the desire to achieve the goal of learning the language plus favorable attitudes towards learning the language. (Gander, 1985, p10).
Therefore, teacher shouldn’t put pressure on student to get a lot of achieves.
Teacher should make goals explicit to learners to help them get it. Besides, teacher should encourage student to awake their enthusiasm. Moreover, teachers also have some methods to reduce anxiety. When studying, students also get into trouble so they are so confused. Some strategies that help student to deal with anxiety include lengthening wait time, improving question techniques, accepting a variety of answers, peer support and group work, focusing on content and establishing good relationships.
In conclusion, the strategies, the styles and emotion feelings also support the basic knowledge to teach and learn because of the relationship between them. Teacher should combine them appropriately help student learn better.


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