Some ways to motivate Students- Writer: Nguyễn Thị Diệu Ngân

Hello everyone,
As you all know, children are very mischievous. They can not concentrate on your lesson in a long time, or the other word, they have short attention. So, as a teacher, how can you do to improve this situation? What should you do to motivate your students? I think you should create some motivations to promote children to study. And now, I will give some ways to motivate students.
Firstly, I think you should create the free and friendly atmosphere in your class. It means that, you should not force your students to do something which they don’t like, such as give them to much exercises. Instead of them, you can allow Ss to chose the topic they like. Of course, the topic have to connect with the contents of the course. If they like it, they will very excited and try to do it best as much as they can.
Secondly, you can hold a small completion in your class by divide them into team, and set them a challenge. They will compete with the others teams. You can give some prizes for the winner to stimulate them. However; pay attention that you need to balance the challenge for them. Because if it’s easy, SS can think they are very boredom or maybe make a sense that the teacher believes the students is not capable of better work. If it’s difficult, Ss can feel that they can not achieve a certain point and maybe very anxiety: “Oh, it’s very difficult. I can’t do it. I’m really a bad Ss”. It’s not good for the children, because if they feel difficult, they will not disclaim it.
Finally, you should change the material regularly. You can bring some new perspective into the class and change the view of Ss with your lesson. Instead of teaching base on traditional methods, you can use technology, such as: let’s Ss watch a video, or listen a music, bring real objects to class. Make Ss think that, their lesson is very interesting. It’s also help you reduce the tired of your students. I think if you have a variety teaching’s style, you can attract your Ss into the lesson.
I’ve just given you three simple ways in many ways to motivate Ss. Base on the aims and contents of the lesson, teacher can use suitable ways to make the motivation for them.
Thank for your reading!


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