How to motivate young learners in learning English?

As you know, attracting students’ attention to the lesson is not easy at all. Especially, to the young children, it requires the teacher to apply the effective ways to motivating them. The short list below will layout some helpful techniques to encourage pupils to learn English.
1) Asking students to work in pairs or groups.
Sometimes, working individual seems to be bored and unhelpful. Therefore, the teacher should give students chances to work in pairs or groups to help them get the best results. Obviously, they can share their ideas, opinions to contribute to the task. It also assists them to enhance their team work as well as communicating ability.
2) Role play
A short play will generate interest and active atmosphere when students participate in it. That makes them know their roles and responsibilities and try to act as well as possible. It is no doubt that role play motivated students in this case.
3) Using realia, flash card, stories and songs…
This is the fact that the abstraction things are always difficult to understand for children. Therefore, the teacher should try to make them more specific and understandable and memorable. And, using the realia, flash card, stories and songs are the most techniques which the teacher uses to convey the knowledge. Besides, thank to this, students are stimulated to develop their strengths.
4) Using visual material
Today, science technology develops dramatically and become more and more convenient. Students have more chances to learn in convenient rooms with the modern equipments such as computer, projector, smart board, etc. These tools help the teacher to support students with real and direct evidences to illustrate the content of the lesson. They really raise children’s discovery ability. As the result, the periods become more animated and attractive.
5) Giving students high mark or bonus
Children are really fond of getting high marks and progressive compliments from their teacher. They are considered as the evidences of how they have done well. Therefore, students will try to perform well if they want to get the high marks. Through it, teacher supports students with motivation to help them obtain the best result.
In conclusion, there are many ways to motivate students in learning English. The teacher should base on the real condition in the class to choose the most suitable motivation method to apply to the lesson.


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