learning styles and learning strategies

Each person has his own learning style, it can be the same or different with others. However, learning strategies are something they have to learn to achieve. That is what I would like to mention below, the differences between learning styles and learning strategies.

Firstly, as I have just mentioned above, learning styles refer to “the learner’s natural and preferred way of learning”. It means that, it is seemed as the personal way in learning. Someone can like this way and the others can like another ways to learn. This term refers to the learner’s overall cognitive makeup. It is also the thing that is shaped naturally in each person without being taught. There are three types of learning styles: cognitive style, sensory style and personality style. Basing on these characteristics, I go to the conclusion that teachers have to base on the learning styles of students to give suitable methods for each object. Teachers’ duty is to recognize different styles in themselves and their learners to create suitable lesson plans, classroom activities.

On the other hand, “learning strategies are less abstract than learning styles”. Strategies are the mental and communicative procedures that learners use to learn and use language. Learning strategies are what students can learn from their teachers. Strategies are tools to be active which is important for developing communication skill. Moreover, with learning strategies, learners can be more confident themselves and learn more effectively. Basing on these evidences, teachers have to contribute main and specific goals, allow learners to become more self- directed. There are four ways to teach learning strategies for learners: social and effective strategies, awareness- raising strategies, meta- cognitive strategies and direct or cognitive strategies. With each type of student, teachers need suitable and different strategies to teach them.


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