motivation and how to motivate students in lesson

There are many features which affect the process of learning’s children such as learning styles, studying environment, and content of lesson…However; I think motivation is one the most important things which helps students learn better. So, what is definition of motivation? And how to make students motivate in learning? In this writing, I will share you something about them.
Firstly, I’d like to talk about definition of motivation. According to Pritchard and Ashwood, motivation is the process used to allocate energy to maximize the satisfactions of needs. It also is what causes us to act, helps us have more energy, enthusiasm to get what they want.
Secondly, I give some ways to motivate students in learning.
• Teacher should give comments, feedback which help students believe they can do well. I mean that when students finish any exercise or task in right way, teacher should give them compliment and reward them. If they do wrongly, teacher shouldn’t punish them. In stead of punishing, they should encourage them to help them do better next time.
•Teacher should ask students to do some task which are neither too easy nor too difficult. Because if the task is too easy, students will do very fast, they will feel bored. If the task is too difficult, students may take a long time to do, even they can not do it so they feel disappointed.
•Teacher should choose topic of lesson suitably which relates to students and makes them interested in. It is very important because when students like content of the lesson, they will be excited and try to do it best as much as they can.
In conclusion, motivation is very important in the class. It helps students learn well so teacher should notice some ways to help students motivate in learning.
Thanks for your all reading!


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