When you want to attract students to your lesson, what do you need to do? In my opinion, you should inspire to the students to learn. Especially, when you teach children at primary school, it is important for you to motivate them. Today, we will learn about motivation and strategies for enhancing motivation.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the desire to do things –  a key factor to help you make a decision or choice. It is considered a hope or strength to help start an action with an attempt to produce a particular result.

“Motivation refers to the combination of effort plus desire to achieve the goal of learning the language plus favorable attitudes toward learning the language”(Gardner, 1985, p.10).

Motivation is a mental feature that evokes an creatures to to act towards a desired target and stimulate the creation, control, and maintain a goal-oriented behavior.

There are many ways to enhance motivation in the classroom:

Evoked interest: It is important to persuade students of the importance and degree of concern of the material that is about to be presented, to show that the knowledge will be useful to achieve.

Challenge them: We should give opportunity to the students so that they can discover and find out new things.

Maintain curiosity: Teacher should maintain curiosity during the lesson to inspire for students when learning that lesson.

Use a variety of interesting presentation modes: To enhance motivation, teacher should use interesting materials, as well as by a variety in the way that material is presented. All of these different materials should focus on the course objectives.

Organize competition: Competition can enhance or reduce motivation depending on how it is used. The long term goal is to teach children to loose gracefully and use defeat as motivation to improve.

Help students set their own goals: If they have specific goals, they will try to make it.

– Express clear expectations: Students need to know exactly what they want.

– Increase the value and availability of motivators:

In conclusion, there are many ways to enhance motivation to the students, but we should choose suitable ways to use effectively.



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