chalkboard and teacher as the teaching aids- Nguyễn Thị Phương Quý

Material is one of the most important things to help teacher teach well in a class. In a lesson, we can use many materials to help students learn effectively such as pictures, maps, rulers, videos, CD, and so on. However, the indispensable things in teaching are chalkboard, and teacher. Why is teacher and chalkboard important? Traditionally, teacher is a person giving the knowledge to students. Chalkboard is a tool to teacher write the content of lesson; furthermore; it is considered as a thing to evaluate level of a teacher. In contrast, I think that teacher has the role as a manager to control all of activities in the class; especially; she uses chalkboard as the teaching aids and herself as a teaching aids in the lesson.
In a lesson, the teacher can use chalkboard to hang out pictures. For example, when the teacher organize a “guessing word” game, she shows picture flashcards such as elephant, monkey, chicken, sheep, frog, and etc to student can guess word through picture. That is able to stimulate exciting of student to take part in learning.
After that, the teacher can also use chalkboard to write new words and require student play a “clap board” game to help student remember new words more quickly. Another ways, the teacher write new words in the board and ask student write the meaning of those.
Because chalkboard can easily delete, the teacher paints some pictures in the board while storytelling to pay attention to the student. Moreover, teacher can paste pictures in the board to illustrate story help student understand deeper. She can also hang out pictures and ask student arrange these pictures similar to sequence of the story.
Furthermore, the teacher can organize a game to student paint picture in Ao paper to hang out the board. For example, the teacher can divide class into 2 groups and ask 2 group paint picture in Ao paper about 10 minutes. Then, asking student hang out picture in the board and compare 2 group to find out winner.

One of the interesting methods is rhythm sticks. The teacher write words or pictures in the chalkboard, then rhythm sticks these words or pictures to student read. This method is rather interested because it practices pronunciation skill and listen for student; beside; it also encourage student more enthusiastic in the lesson.
In addition, the role of the teacher is very necessary in a lesson. Teacher is also as a teaching aid. Firstly, when teacher teach a new word for student, she can use active describing this new word to student guess easily the meaning of word, which is better than that she explains the meaning by language, it is difficult and abstract to understand for student.
To warm up lesson, teacher should tell a story or sing a song to teach student. For example, teacher teaches student sing a song related to parts in body of person such as airs, eyes, arms, mouth, etc. Teacher should sing and point parts in body to student easily learn. This method help student can practice both speaking and listening skill.
Organizing a game to student playing drama is rather useful because it encourages student become more confident and more creative.
When organizing a game for student, to student understand laws of game, teacher can become a model. She can do model before requiring student imitates.
Sum up, the role of teacher and chalkboard is very important in the class. To a lesson is succeeded, teacher should promote knowledge and use chalkboard as teaching aids.
Thank you for attention!


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