A moving film

Last night, I saw the educational film named “Special boy”. Indeed, it moved me to tears about a teacher named Nikumbh with a heart of gold for his students. In addition, it also left in my mind meaningful lessons about educating children of parents, schools and teachers.

The film turned around life of the 9 years old boy – Ishaan. At school, he was s considered as an isolated in his teachers’ and friends’ eyes, and he also showed everyone his stubborn, unobedient and mischievous manners. In fact, both his family’s members and teacher didn’t realize his problem of letter recognition and pronunciation ability. All of them blamed him for his laziness and his stupidness. The boy’s parents expected too much of him with high marks and the number one in his class like his elder brother. They always asked him to learn and do a lot of exercises in order that he could run a race, achieve success and earn much money in the future. They supposed that they really care for two their boys very well. But they made a big mistake. Their constraint actions created the distance between Ishaan and the family’s members. On the other hand, he was cramed knowledge of a lot of subjects by his strict, rude and violent teachers. All the teachers at his school only care about the students’ result without students’ needs. Pupils were changed into the parrots or liked the machines in learning by heart. They always learnt in passive condition and carried out their teachers’ requirements. The teachers’ teaching method  were very obsolete and always abided by patterns with no renovation. Furthermore, they were quite distant with their pupils and they often imposed them with the strict and terrible rules. By the way, they changed education into a tool which was used for competing.

Everything shifted when an Art teacher – Nikumbh appeared. In each the lesson, he generated interest by funny activities such as dancing, singing, permitting children to do anything they liked, etc. He was very friendly, easygoing, and close with his students like their big brother. He replaced the traditional teaching methods by giving pupils real examples and creating chances for students to approach everything in real life. It’s him, who discovered Ishaan’s wonderful talent in art, and helped the boy became strong and confident. He also bravely offered his petitions with the Head of school to assist Ishaan pass the exams. He ignored the jeering of his colleagues and tried to give freedom and comfortableness to his students. Moreover, he proved very patient to teach Ishaan read, write and develop his talent and explain to the boy’s parents about his weakness. In fact, he made many people disabuse in this film. For example, he showed Ishaan’s family how to care and educate children. He also made his colleagues realize what they badly treated to their students and what they thought about education is wrong. Through this film, the audiences could see that Nikumbh had spent all his time, his love and his responsibility in taking care of his children, especially his sympathy to Ishaan. The film ended with the standing out of Ishaan and the close – knit relationship between his family’s members.

In conclusion, the movie has a profound meaning for everybody. Thanks Mr. Huy for sharing this interesting film to help me realize a lot of useful lessons of teaching children.




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