Classroom management skill.

Student teacher in China teaching children Eng...

Student teacher in China teaching children English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Classroom management is an important skill for each teacher in language teaching.  Without it, students are more likely to become distracted or disruptive to other students (themselves). When students do not focus on the lesson they are not learning. So teacher needs to have classroom management skill.

Classroom management includes:

  • Positive environment.
  • Routines.
  • Classroom rules.
  • Giving instructions.
  • Getting attention.
  • Setting up group work.

An important thing of classroom management is to create a positive learning environment. Fundamental to creating such an atmosphere is to make learners feel secure. In order to create a positive learning environment, teacher has to know what the learner what the learner want to do? And what the learner thinks?

Teacher have to create friendly atmosphere and many activities, teacher have to respect the learner. Teacher have an important role in classroom management.

According to Scott and Ytreberg, 1990. In order to create a positive atmosphere,the teacher does not allow students to laugh when someone makes a mistake.the  teacher gives learners responsibilities in the classroom: arranging furniture, putting things away…and teacher avoid organizing competition as it leads to winners and losers.

In conclusion, after learning the classroom management lesson I realize that classroom management  is an important skill to each teacher.the teacher should create vary activities to hold the learner’s attention. So the learners will feel comfortable and secure and they focus on the lesson.





One thought on “Classroom management skill.

  1. hi, Dung. I have read your sharing. thanks you for your sharing. I have the same idea with you. I also know that classroom management is very necessary for a teacher, especially, with a primary teacher because students’s excitement is much more than the other age group and if we do not have suitable method to control the class, they will be out of control and it influences into student’s behavior and attitude. however, I think that you should give the details for each way to manage the classroom or you should give some examples like how can a teacher do to get students’ attention or how to give instructions, how to ask student work with a group or with partners…

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