using teacher and chalkboard as the teaching aids

Teaching aids is one of the most  important and popular things to help teacher teach well in class. Also, it can assist students to learn effectively and understand the lesson faster and better. There are various of teaching aids such as posters, powerpoints, pictures, videos. Among these kinds of teaching aids, teacher and chalkboard are the most popular and effectively.

Teacher plays an important role in the lesson.

  • As a composer: in teaching song, teacher can compose a new song based on the rhythm and aria to make interesting lesson.
  • As a ressource: teacher can use his parts or his body to teach or explain the vocabulary and new words.
  • As a singer: when teaching song, teacher will become a singer to lead students.
  • As a acter: when telling story, teacher use many voices to different characteristics.
  • As a partner: in the classroom, teacher should be friendly with students and make a comfortable environment for students to creat interest in learning
  • As a mastermind: teacher encourages students to joy in activities or hard working. Sometimes, he will give them some advices how students should do or learn effectively.
  • As a guide: when playing games, teacher gives useful instructions which help them follow easily.
  • As a player: to motivate students, teacher can take part in activities or games in the classroom.

Chalkboard is also a useful teaching aids to help teacher in teaching lesson.

  • Teacher can write down the contents of the lesson, questions, answers to pay attention of students.
  • Using chalkboard to draw some pictures in the board, also stick pictures to ask students arranging these pictures according the content of story.
  • Using board to organize games to students: draw, match words to pictures, so on.
  • Chalkboard is where to students show their creations

In conclusion, there are many types of teaching aids, and i see that teacher and chalkboard are the most effectively ones, help us to teach in the future




2 thoughts on “using teacher and chalkboard as the teaching aids

  1. Hello !!
    After reading your writing, I would like to give some comments.
    First, your points are very clear and easy to understand. I can get many ideas which I did not meet and mention in my post. However, I think you should do more research on the web and add more roles of teacher as well as usefulness of chalkboard in the classroom. For instance, teacher can be a real object, story – teller, a model, a MC, or a dancer,…chalkboard can be a stage where students act and show themselves.
    That’s all my comments. Thank you.

  2. Thank for your sharing.
    It is good ideas. On the others hand, teacher is a person who has main role in help student to understand and can do all thing above. Because the purpose of lesson is knowledge which student will be able to and the centre is not teacher but students. I want to emphases the roles of teacher in the class. The always have the important role but the most important role is transmit knowledge and build skill to student. Therefore, you should underline this role of teacher. It is my idea. I hope that it can be useful to you.

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