An useful film for the teacher in the future- Writer: Nguyễn Thị Diệu Ngân

After 3 hours watching the film TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, I can recognize many deep things, not only in our life, but also in teaching children.
A family which have two sons. A grumpy father, maybe said that he seem very cruel. A kind mother spend all her time and her love to for her sons. Especially, two abstract sons. The first son is an ideal son of each parents. He is very obedient. He studies very well and always keep number 1 in his class. Contrary to the first son is their eldest son. His name is Ishaan. He always gets bad mark and his parents always worried about him. But what’s matter with him? Is he lazy? Maybe, he wasn’t study hard as his brother. But, what are the biggest problem here? After his attitude, they are the error of the adult include his parents, especially the teacher in his school.
When he got bad mark, what did his parents do? His father scold him . He taught his son by using violent. What was the teacher do? They think simply that he’s very lazy. He is an undisciplined student . As we can see most of teacher in this film very traditional. They use the old method and old thinking to teach Ss. When Ishaan made mistake, what was the teacher do? They twitted and punished him by many pains. They asked him go out in the lesson. But, I think it’s can not acceptable. You can force one, two, even though three or four Ss go out, but can you force all Ss in your class go out? It ‘s impossible. Beside, this way is not good for a 9 years- old student. In this film,the behavior of his teacher as well as his father made Ishaan felt stress. When people care something, they will find all the ways to fugitive it. When people care something, sure that they don’t have motivation to striven. So, teacher shouldn’t use punishment as a good ways to control their class. It’s not only make Ss fear this subject, but also create many unpredictable consequences.
In the boarding school, Ishaan met a teacher who change all of his life. He is the Art’s teacher. To be honest, I am really admirable this teacher. He’s very understanding and enthusiasm with his Ss. Don’t like the others teacher, he didn’t use the traditional ways to teach his Ss. He didn’t use specimens and force Ss draw it. He want his Ss can innovative comfort. Instead of the boring lesson, with the form “open your book, page…, lines…, words… and read in the book as a machine, he sang, he danced… All of them are very new and attract to his Ss. But he has met many prevent from others teacher in this school. They said that the methods of him only spend for unusual Ss. They also said that his class like a “fish market”. Yes, we can see that this class always noisy, but we can’t denied that these methods are more interesting and effective than these old methods. So, when we hold activities for Ss, pay attention to controlling our class.
Ok, continue talking about the poor student. What did the new teacher do with him? No punish, no shout. He tried to find out the reason of this student. After the time he saw his notebook and came to this child’s family, he discover that, Ishaan’s really a talent student. That child’s not lazy, or disobedient. He simply feel difficult when remembering the order of each words. And then, he attempt to help his student. I really like the teaching’s style of him. He touch by many game, such as guessing words, clap the board… He used real things, even though the stairs to help his student. Both of these methods are very useful. After a short time, with the attempt of Ishaan ( of course), he got good result in study.
After this film, we also see that each child has their own ability and intelligent. So, we shouldn’t see only one side to evaluate them.


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