Enthusiasm – Is that all for a naughty boy?

Through the Indian film named TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, I discovered a lot of valued lessons about teaching children. We sometimes make our children lose their dream because of our carelessness, an unbalance comparison with their brother or sister or study pressure. If we do not find out a suitable way for our child, they can lose their desire, hope and dream. TAARE ZAMEEN PAR film is about an eight year old boy is thought to be lazy and a troublemaker, until the new art teacher has the patience and compassion to discover the real problem behind his struggles in school.
Although TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is an Indian film but it also includes the same feature as Vietnamese education. The film shows the weakness of education. Education is known as the strict requirement, pressure in the eyes of children. High mark is the criteria to evaluate a children’s effort. According to this film, I found that Ishaan Awasthi is a boy who owns a rich internal world, a magical lands filled with color. Specially, he is an artist whose talent is not recognized by anyone . He finds all subjects difficult and stressful. He even does not know how to write and read exactly as his classmate. He is always afraid of letters or numbers in the book. Because of this trouble, Ishaan must be moved in another school which is far from his parents and brother. After that he stopped drawing that was his special hobby before. Fortunately, he met an art teacher named Nikumbh who changed his life later. Nikumbh understand what Ishaan worried about. He found his childhood in Ishaan and tried to help Ishaan overcome his difficulties. He created many other activities to help Ishaan show his talent and finally Ishaan can discover his difficulties. Ishaan become a confident boy and stand out with his talent.
In this film, I really love the art teacher, Nikumbh. He is different from other teachers in the school. He knows how to encourage Ishaan when this boy feels disappointed. I love the way he shows the difficulties of very famous inventors in the world. Though this illustration, Ishaan and his friends find out that all people have weakness or it may call the special thing in each person. He also knows how to encourage and light up Ishaan’s dream when all the people can’t recognize it. In addition, he is very enthusiastic about helping Ishaan understand about his strong points and weak points. The weak point makes him special as many famous inventors and the strong points are his success in the future.

Enthusiasm is a very necessary in teaching our children but it is not all. A good teacher requires many other qualities such as friendly, creative, and sharing and so on to be a good instructor in children’s eyes. That is the reason why each of us should learn more and more to perfect ourselves.
My writing shares about the interesting film named Special boy. I hope that you can take your time to read my share and give me some comments.
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2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm – Is that all for a naughty boy?

  1. hello thu! i am Ngan. i have been seen TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. for me, it is a meaningful film that teach everybody a value lesson about a child. i also admire Isshan’s teacher. he don’t complain about his student as well as make pressure on Isshan. he knows that each person also has a talent. the art teacher – Nikumbh help his student overcome the dificulties to get the success. after reading your share, i find that a film is reproduction in my eyes and i really like your writing. we are the english teacher in the future so i hope that we also keep us enthusiams to wake up student’s dreams like Nikumbh teacher. thanks for your reading!

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