Some thinking after educational film – TAARE ZAMEEN PAR

I am Thanhty, I have seeing the TAARE ZAMEEN PAR film. I have many thinking about my job – teaching, particular in teaching methods. This is my sharing.
TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is an interesting and meaningful film for the fathers, mothers, students and educators. It is life story of ISHAAN, a special boy, when he is nine years old. He is very intelligent, brisk, and very nice in art school, but unfortunately suffered from “hard to read”. He could not understand the letters and properly in write as well as in read them. In addition, there are many pressures from the expectations too large of his father to like his brother’s-YOHAN and teachers in schools in his scores. There is no one understands him and asked him to do things that he could not do. He was against by causing trouble at home, at school or anywhere he is to avoid things that he has to do. Finally, his family sends him to boarding school- a special school for special students even he does not want. Touching to the brink of despair, he cried and begged several times but no avail. The result is that he stopped drawing. Until teacher- NIKUMBH, who has had “hard to read” as like as him, he discovered this evidence in him and he is trying to help him. By the new educational methods, which is not only very simple but also special he helped him escape from this strange illness, to be confident with his own talent and having social recognition. Moreover, he helped his parents, the school and other teachers awakening of educational methods.
The main character is ISHAAN, but I have deeply emotion with teacher – NIKUMBH. He is a good teacher. Firstly, he has fine seeing about his students. By the emotion, enthusiasm and experiences of himself, intermediately, he discovers the illness of ISHAAN. He used many real example of many famous person was success within “hard to read” in their childhood to help ISHAAN recovered confident about himself. Then, continuing the method he was explaining for ISHAAN’S father and the Master Head of school to understanding about ISHAAN and give him a chance. During teaching process to ISHAAN, he used many methods such as example, color, art, sound, feeling on skin, kneading colored dough into colored paste animals, different of sounds… By the way increasing the level from lower to higher, they come from listen and repeat to listen and write and read. Decreasing size of words from very big to small, using picture replace for missing words, song, game and story teacher had help ISHAAN pass over the “hard to read”. He use steps on the stairs to help ISHAAN in math. Finally, he gives his student a chance to express their talent by an art extracurricular activity. In which, ISHAAN got the success and recognition of his family and all the others. Moreover, ISHAAN gave me a example of intelligent and brisk students who has high determining raising up from difficult.
To sum up, it is interesting and meaning film. It gives me the new see about teaching methods, which can help a student to be success or lose. The film express the value of education, particular in educators have to have enthusiasm, emotion, and method in teaching. On the others hand, I see that emotion is the key of each relationship, and method is key of education to be success in all.


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