Something I have learned from the educational movie- A special boy

Today, I have seen an emotional and meaningful movie about education, about How to learn children. It is a story talk about ISHAAN- a special boy, who is night years old, is very active and imaginable; specially is interesting in drawing, but unfortunately suffered from “hard to read”. When he sees the words and numbers, they look like dancing, turning around his mind and make him very vexatious. As result as he often gets lower marks in the tests. Moreover, somebody thinks that he is a troublemaker because of his playful things, all of things made his parents very bad and fretful. Therefore, they decided to take him goes to other school and hopes that he will be better. In facts, everything in this school makes him become a stranger. The result is that he had to stop drawing. However, when NIKUMBH- an art teacher of Ishaan appears, he recovered Ishaan’s really matter and tried to find out the way to help Ishaan. Nikumbh had met Ishaan and talked him more, Nikumbh had created many useful activities to help Ishaan more confident as well as encourage his drawing talent develop, and help him did not feel frightened before crowded. The evidence is that the drawing competition which Nikumbh and the school organized all teachers and students could enjoy. In this competition, the most unexpected is that Ishaan is the winner. His picture, which described his life in the new environment, was really beautiful, colorful and meaningful, and helped him get the prize. However, it is not the important plot of this movie; the important plot is that Ishaan saw Nikimbh’s picture draw about him with a bright smile. This made Ishaan feel very emotional, he recognized that his life starts now. He will have a new life more beautiful with his talent.
Through this movie, we see that education is not to help learners only learn but also discover, recognize both their really abilities and themselves. That means the educator should help students recognize where their weakness is or their strength is in order to improve and develop them better. However, there are not many school, teacher or educator do this. Therefore, educators should find out the most comfortable methods, which help students get success in learning, express the value of education in the society.


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