“Taare Zameen Par” film- an amazing lesson in teaching

The film : Taare Zameen Par
The film was produced by Aamir Khan in three roles: actor, director and producer. It’s really a meaning full film that you should see it to learn something more, specially about education and the importance of family with children in their process of learning.
“Special boy” is the story of an eight-year-old boy who finds it difficult to match his world of colors, kites and animals to that of the others in his age group, who are more into studies and homework. When he get into more trouble than his parents can handle, Ishaan’s parents decide to set him off to a boarding school. At new school everything is not better than before. It’s still difficult for him to do everything alone, he still remain the laugh stocks in class. Now that he is away from home, he feels even more dejected, inferior and finds it tough to cope up with his inabilities.
One day, Ram Shankar Nikumbh gets appointed as a temporary art teacher of the boarding school. Unlike the other teacher, he infects students with joys and optimism. He seems breaking all the daily rules of teacher, he asks students to think, to dream, to imagine and all of them respond him with their enthusiasm in their pictures except Ishaan. Nikumbh realized that ishaan is unhappy and set out of discover everything around him. Ram takes effort to understand ishaan and his problem to help him in overcoming his inabilities and find himself again one more time.
After seeing that film, you can feel the differences in that film. It is “a work of art, a water painting where the colors dip into our hearts which could easily have fallen into the motions of over-sentimentality. Aamir Khan holds back where he could easily resort to an extravagant display of drama and emotions.”(Subhash, K.J). Taare zameen Par is a impressive film which you’ll never forget it. Because it brings special something for you. That’s the deep lesson about children that make everybody think, make everybody grow. A child needs parents’ care and encouragement. Parents simply show their emotions their concern to their children through simple action, simple speech to help them grow better. The children can get successful and be themselves. It’s not only about the marks, the positions of children in class, at school but also their potential, they can develop all abilities to discover themselves, discover the world. With a new way of teaching, Nikumbh brings the different view in teaching children. he helps teachers to think about how to help their children learn better. That way is not mechanical, not in any model. It’s creative, interesting and exciting for all children to get a good lesson. The film really makes people think about the present education, the teacher, the parents in each family with the development of a child.
In conclusion, “special boy” is a film of good emotional story with a message for everyone, specially, for parents. All the kids are the stars in the sky with their own special and wonder. Please, take care of them and bring up in the good conditions of family and school.
( It’s worth to see that film, it’s really meaningful for parents, for educators and everyone. If you have ever seen it, try seeing it when possible as soon as. Hope you’ll have good time with this film.)



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