Teacher and chalkboard in teaching aids

Teaching aids is a part of a lesson. It is means of teaching and learning. There are many kinds of teaching aids, but in this writing, I will mention on the most basic teaching aids, teacher and chalkboard. It is clearly that they are traditional teaching aids. Some peoples believe that it must be writing on the board in a lesson and teacher is the central with most important role. However, to my way of thinking, it is not entirely so.
First point, teacher is not central. The role of teacher in the classroom is the only secondary actor who has to change strategy and acting dependence on the central character as students. I agree that teacher is the administration role, instructor for students in all task of lessons. However, they are only instructors but not tasks execution. Therefore, the role of the teacher is only auxiliary as like as a means of learning for their students. In addition, teacher is the means of other means. They use other means such as books, pictures, songs, games, and tasks to help students acquire, practice and use language. They guide students to exploit and use other means. Sometimes there is no other means; they will have to help students exploit means-teacher selves with body language and tone of voice. Moreover, teachers are artist and director. Moreover, teachers are artists and directors. They just have to guide students in the right direction, just to make the picture as a background for students, and provide a foundation for students to develop. Furthermore, teachers are always remembering that students are central, so learning and feeling of students are most important not teacher and not teaching method.
Second, chalkboard is traditional aids. Today, we renovate the teaching method, but it not means that we replace all traditional aids, or remain all traditional method. In teaching English, the practicing language is the purpose. Depending on each lesson and its purpose, we use chalkboard in different ways. For example, in grammarian lesson teacher can write down new words, grammars, and exercises, in listen lesson teacher can write only name of lesson. On the other hand, chalkboard is place student can express their understanding, creation, imagination, and drawing picture… In sum, chalkboard is the common book of teacher and student, where to share knowledge between teacher and students.
Finally, both teachers and chalkboard are teaching aids. Teacher should remember and clearly understand to fully exploit them for students.


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2 thoughts on “Teacher and chalkboard in teaching aids

  1. hi Ty, my name is Nhung. about your sharing I have some comments. firstly i agree with you that teacher and chalkboard are useful teaching aids in classroom. however, besides a instructor, a director or artist like you had said I think teacher can do more than. teacher can be a dictionary of student when student want to know new words. teacher should be friendly as a friend of students, learn, teach and play together. may be you can be a model for student when teaching about real object such as part of body…. singing dancing or storyteller are also useful. chalkboard has the main function is to write content of lesson. however it is used as a stage when singing or dancing. it is a good place for playing a lot games such as slap the board, cross word or drawing picture. you can use chalkboard to display students’ products, it can motivate them to learn better because they will be very proud of them if their result are showed for all class. it is my opinion. thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Ty, I’m My. I have some comments about your writing.
    We can not deny the role of teacher and chalkboard in class althoug as you said they are traditional teaching aids. Your writing give many role of teacher and chalkboard, they are right, but I want you to give more specific example to make them more clear. For example, in the lesson bout body, teacher can use her/his body to teach parts of body as eyes, head, arm, leg,.. It is the simplest and most effective way. Moreover, teacher has many role as you said.
    About chalkboard, I argee with Nhung that not only charlkboard is used to write, but also we can use chalkboard in many games, draw picture, and so on.
    It is my opinion. Thanks for your sharing!

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