Tran Hai Yen N03 – Su pham Phap k31

Country mouse and city mouse

How many cartoons have you ever seen? I have ever seen a lot of cartoons. But country mouse and city mouse is the one that I like most. This is one of the film that is suitable to young learners.

When children see this cartoon, they are easy to learn acquainted vocabularies such as: mousetrap, bread, corn, chicken, house, cheese, truck, so on…they are so familiar. Besides, thanks to this cartoon, children will unite more and more, there is no has difference between country and city. In addition, this cartoon advises young learners not to steal anything and work hard. We should work to earn living and have a happy and comfortable life. If we are lazy to work and study and always depend on others or steal from others, our spirit is always in worried state. Through this cartoon, children as well as adults should work hard, don’t steal, because the mental comfort is more important than physical comfort



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