Being a teacher who inspires children to study rather than a teacher who makes them be robots

No film has ever left a strong impression in my mind like the film “ TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” – an educational film of India about a special boy. This film really helps me change my thoughts and my methods in teaching English for children.

Ishaan Awasthi – the boy in the film is a special boy because he is very intelligent and he has a different way of looking the world with other children. However, he has a problem with alphabet that he cannot recognize them to read and write. This situation occurs not only in film but also in any school in the world, especially in Vietnam. Obviously, there are no completely same students in a class; therefore, their ability in learning English is different a lot.

Being a teacher, our duty is that we have to find out differences between children to help them identify their learning styles and strategies. To do this, we have to answer some questions: What matter with him/her? Why he/she cannot…? What is he/she good at? A child who is good at drawing can learn vocabulary quickly if we use pictures to teach. A child who loves songs can imitate exactly the way native speaker pronouns words, makes stress and emphasizes intonation.  A child who uses body languages well can use English in a natural way. By any way, we should try our best; we should do anything we can to help children feel excited in learning, then children will promote their best ability in learning. Let’s be a teacher who inspires children to study best.

There is a sad fact that in many schools, children are made to be automatic robot.


Every day, they go to school to learn many things which only are in books. Everything said in books or said by teacher is right and they are not allowed to express their thinking. Therefore, their creation is limited a lot and even they may be influenced by this traditional way of teaching during their life. We should create more opportunities for children to express their thinking, to show their talent. Importantly we have to listen to them and give them useful feedback so that they are confident with their selves.

Don’t quell children dream!


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