classroom management

After learning the chapter classroom management, I think it is very necessary to know clearly how to manage a class with many students.  Through the lesson, I also realize that there are many good ways to manage classroom well. In my own view, among a lot of ways to manage a class, making classroom rules and getting attention are more necessary than the others. They not only help teachers control and attract students easily, but also make students concentrate on the lesson.

Firstly, I would like to mention the classroom rules. As a teacher, you have to know that, children do not like something too difficult to understand or remember. They are too long or uninteresting rules. In common, the schools’ rules are always made by the head of the schools so that it is the reason why the rules are usually boring or too long. So what can we do to improve this problem? So easy, I think. In my opinion, this is area for teachers to express their creations. They can design classroom rules with short sentences, colorful pictures instead of using too long sentences and follow a rigid frame. One more important thing is they can collect the ideas from students if possible or require them to give the rules themselves. It will make them more responsible in doing these rules.

Secondly, There are many ways to get students’ attention such as short songs or board clapping or hand clapping, chant signals, sound signals. For example, when students are making noise in the class,, teacher can clap her hands to make students concentrate on what she is saying or when she want to change to another part of the lesson, she can use chant signals like “ if you can hear me, clap twice”. It will make student notice on her action and sayings. When I was at elementary school, my teachers usually kept silent if we made noises and all of us kept silent too immediately as soon as realizing her attitudes. Therefore, I think it is also good way to get student’s attention.

To sum up, as a teacher, we have our own approaches to manage the classroom but we need to learn more to broaden the method and improve teaching plan.


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