Classroom management- Ha Thi Huong

Classroom management- an essential factor in the classroom

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about classroom management. As you know classroom management is one of the most difficult skills to master as a teacher, especially with young pupils. The class atmosphere is good or not, effective or not mainly depend on the management of the teachers. Therefore, the teacher’s role is very important in the classroom. They need to know which rule is suitable with their pupils, how to organize group work effectively and how to get the pupil’s attention.

An important thing of classroom management is how to set suitable rules for your student following. According to Linse, It means that the teachers need to establish clear rules at the beginning of the year (children appreciate knowing what your expectation are); teach the concept of appreciate and unappreciated behavior; Offer rewards judiciously; plan more than you think you will need. There are many class rules; but the teachers need to know which rule is more important? Which rule should be used first? For example, I have 3 rules which are paying attention and give opinions; acting follows teacher’s requirements and don’t act unrelated activities. Let’s think which rule is the most important? In my opinion, the first rule is the most important rule because through it we can evaluate the student’s understanding and not only with English but also other subjects the students need to follow this rule.

Another necessary thing of classroom management is how to organize group work effectively. According to Nunan and Lamb, first the teacher needs to think about the purpose of the task, particularly as it relates to the overall curriculum goals; secondly, the teacher has to decided how and why to group the learners and whether the composition of the groups is to remain static, or whether it will change; group size is another pertinent factor. It is surprising how a task that is not particularly effective with groups of three can work well with a slightly larger group and vice versa.

The last and most important thing of classroom management is how to get the pupil’s attention.

There are some tips to get the student’s attention:

–          Using music.

–          Wearing a costume to class or have your students wear costumes. Even simple accessories such as ties and hats can spice up a lesson.

–          Asking students to identify the pieces of a word or sentence relevant to the lesson.

–          Videotaping your students in action. Even a mundane activity is more interesting when your students are given the opportunity to mug for the camera.

–          Giving pupils a checklist of the highpoints of the material they will be studying and ask them to tick off the points that are covered in your presentation.

–          Playing a tape recording of yourself giving information, or even better, of your students giving information.

–          Singing songs.


In conclusion, after learning this lesson, I realize that classroom management is an essential part that the teacher needs to know and practice effectively.


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