Classroom management skills _ Nguyen Luong

Hi, everyone!

Being a teacher of English in the future, especially a primary teacher, I think you should equip yourselves skills in classroom management. Children are easily distracted by many things around the class, therefore teachers should focus on this characteristic to give classroom rules, to keep their attentions and control them into various activities that teachers want following pedagogical aim of the lesson.

Firstly, according to Linse, the most important strategy to manage classroom is building clear rules at the beginning of the year. Actually, teachers should give classroom rules that are short, clear, and easy to remember and these rules should be checked every day.  The rules help students not only have good attitudes in the class but also express results of those attitudes in the society.

Secondly, we need to know how to establish and manage pair and group work activities for children effectively, especially in a large class. Working in group gives children more chances to share their ideas, express themselves and improve their speaking and listening skills. Moreover, it creates a friendly environment which not only makes children more active but also helps children learn the way to cooperative with other members in group. There are 3 things that teachers must think about when teachers want their students to work in group. The first thing is what is the purpose of the task and after determining the purpose following the overall curriculum goals, teacher can decide what activity should be done. The second thing is teachers have to base on levels of students and equipments that provide for learning. Understanding about these, teachers will know how to organize and manage group work activities of students. The last factor is group size. From the first and second thing, the last decision teachers have to make to ensure that students work effectively is how many students in a group, 2, 3, 4 or more than 10 members. The number of students in a group has to depend on the activity and the purpose of the lesson. Below are steps to carry out group work activity:

–          Give the task.

–          Divide students into small groups.

–          Give instruction

–          Listen to students’ results and give feedback.

Thirdly, an important aspect in classroom management skills is getting students’ attention. In the class, children are often distracted by many factors like sounds, images, or actions…Therefore, teachers can use images or songs, rhythms or chants to get students’ attention. In addition, using body language is also one of the good ways to get and keep the attention. Teachers are good models who use gestures, postures, facial expression. It is teachers who make students busy with activities, so they have no time to do other things.

In short, there are many ways in classroom management. You are a teacher; therefore, you should find the best way to manage your class, not only motivate students but also help students focus on the lesson and complete curriculum goals.


2 thoughts on “Classroom management skills _ Nguyen Luong

  1. Hi Luong!
    I’m Nhu. The first words that I would like to write are “Thank you for posting”. Your writing is very clear with three main points. It is easy for reader to follow. I like it. I think that it is very useful for everyone, specially for teacher of English. I like the way that you instruct pair work and group work activities. Instructions are clear. And I also agree with you that children are easily distracted by many things around the class, so the teacher should have rules to control and get attention of students. However, to help reader to understand more easily about rules, I think you should add some examples of rules.
    I hope that my suggestions will be useful.

  2. hello Luong!
    Thank for your writing very much. Your writing is really meaningful to me. I realize that being a good teacher classroom management is very important. there are 3 strategies to manage the classroom as you presented are very effective in teaching students. Firstly the teacher should give the rules, which makes students have the good behaviours both in the class but also in the society. Secondly, the way to organize the activities in groups or pairs in the class effectively is very good. It makes students learn better, In fact, They can exchange and share knowledge with your friends. Thirdly, the teacher use songs, chants, rhythms and her sounds, body language, postures, guestures, facial expression in the class is quite useful for
    her classrom management. I see that a good teacher is the person who is not only good at knowledge but also knows how to manage well. The way you write and present is very clear and easy to undersand. It helps me have a deep knowledge of classroom management in my career in the near future. However, I think you should add more information about giving the rules in the class.This is my suggestions. Thanks a lot for your writing.

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