First, we should understand what is the nature of education? Education is a process of conscious organization, which aims to inspire, change perceptions, energy, feelings, attitudes of teachers and learners in a positive way. That helps improve the personality of learners in the sense of the impact from the outside. Education includes the teaching and the learning, and sometimes it is also a process of transfer and knowledge dissemination.

Education is a means to awaken and recognize the possibility and the prospective capacity of each individual, wake up the intellectual of others.

Education is an indispensable part of society. It always has its own world, and it is not a tool. Education not only helps people learn, earn a living but it also helps everyone realize themselves. We have different views about education and change thinking about it. We need to have a real guide our path.

Through the film, we find that if we want to make the human values, we should have the proper educational method. We see that life is so busy, so parents have less time to taking care of children. They don’t know what children need and what they are thinking. Parents need to understand their children and not impose on the wishes of the parents with children. Moreover, we need teachers who are dedicated and enthusiastic, and understand their students. Because teachers are very patient and enthusiastic, which makes the students stand up to confirm themselves with teachers, get rid of these barriers of life and self-esteem.

We should change thinking on the educational. It is not only the teaching of literacy but also teaches everybody how to live and think. You should look at the lives and the world in a more realistic.

If we educate correctly and have proper methods, we will create the values of human.

Everyone dare to dream and make dreams and then we will find real happiness.

Education plays a crucial part to human being, those are:

— The Human Development: It is not only to provide students with the knowledge of society, but also makes them from being a” themselves”.

— Knowledge creation: We educate everybody by teaching the knowledge that we have and they can get knowledge.

— Social Innovation: We must make the social based on the development of people and knowledge creation. We have to provide education and skills training.

P/S: You will find your goal in places where you feel happy.


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