How to decrease anxiety in class.

There are many features which affect to student learning’s students such as learning stype, studying environment,… In that, anxiety also one of the feature which effect to learning of students. In this writing, I give some strategies to decrease anxiety in learning.
Almost SS was worried about mark , shy in class, low proficiency, incomprehensible input. therefore, teacher should encourage student and give some strategies to promote learning way. Strategies for dealing with student anxiety include:
Lengthening wait time: Tolerance of silence and increasing the length of time between asking a question and expecting a responce can be helpful, although insensitive lengthening of wait time
Improving questioning techniques: One technique that worked give time to SS take note your answer.
Accepting a variety of answers: Making it clear to learner that there is no single right answer resulted in more verbal response from SS.
Peer support and group work: Allowing students to check their responses with one another before speaking in front of class
Focus in content : When student focused on the content of what they were saying , rather than on getting in grammatical
Establishing good relationship: Make relationship between teacher and student better and better to control friendly in class.
With some strategies, I hope teacher can help students decrease anxiety in class .


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