“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” the film for people who want to be real teachers.

coverI have ever watched many kind films, however I have never seen any educational film which has deeply meaning like “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” . The story revolves around a boy named Ishaan Awasthi. He make difficult in understanding teacher’s instruction and getting knowledge. However, his teachers and parents always lash out at the boy most shockingly that make him become a egocentric boy. He doesn’t want to learn any more and even stop drawing which is his hobby. Then a teacher named Nikumbh discovered the boy’s problems. He help Ishaan Awasthi overcome his difficulty.

This film only take more than 2 hours, but it partly portrayed the Indian educational picture where teachers absolutely don’t concern about problems of students, they force students to do what they want as well as use penalties when students make the mistakes. Students don’t have any chances to discover the world around them or create by their thought. In the film, Ishaan Awasthi is a boy who is consider as a stupid, dull- witted child. He always is bullied because of his obtuse. The boy becomes isolated and alone at school and even in his family. No one understands him, they only scold, berate the lamentable boy. But I found out that Ishaan Awasthi have interesting insight about things around him and special ability inside his stupid appearance. Because of rigid education system, Ishaan are really depressed and injured.

It is the same situation in Vietnam education. The way teachers teach their students is traditional methods. Teachers always think that students compete together and then this will make their future. There isn’t exist one thing which called logical thinking. Everything that children learn is rote learning. For students who have difficulties in getting knowledge, they will receive punishment from teacher, parents.  But in fact each child has their own ability, sooner or later they will discover. Do not force your adult ambitions to their weak shoulders.

The special thing that I want to mention here is that we have to change the traditional education system that destroys a young generation in the future. If you are teachers, let concern for your students’ wish by teacher’s enthusiasm. Teacher should give environment for kids to creative and discover world.


One thought on ““TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” the film for people who want to be real teachers.

  1. Hi Thuong, My name is Xuan.
    Thank for meaningful and interesting sharing! I also see film and have feeling same to you . When begening film, I did have not good impasion with boy because he is very active . But more and more watching film, I see him clearly. He is talent boy but he had a hard- word desease. Nobody understand him and he become stress. In film, young teacher is who I admire . With enthusiam and active method , he help student better. Through film, I reliaze, with enthusiam and love children , we can change them and help them better. It is good lesson with every teacher, is’nt it ?

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