a meaningful film for the teacher!

After watching a film “Taare Zameen Par”, I found it is not only an interesting but also a meaningful film.
A film tells s about a child named Ishaan who gets difficult in reading and writing. Teachers only care about their goals but don’t care about what children want. Friends ridicule him. His father is busy with earning more money and he has not enough time to take care of him. In their eyes, Ishaan is stupid and dull. Therefore, his parents give him to boarding school. He is very upset because he doesn’t want to go there. In boarding school, he accosts the new method from a new teacher and he is educated in different environment. He can create freely and overcome him selves’ difficulties. In a film, I also found a teacher. His name is Nikumbh. He is young teacher. With enthusiasm, he finds many ways to help Ishaan and he care about Ishaan’s interesting.
From a film named Taare Zameen Par, I find the important role of education. Education can influence on the next generation in the future. Thus, teacher should think about the role of them for the children. Teacher should awake the enthusiasm of the students and encourage student to study better.


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