A MEANINGFUL FILM – Nguyễn Thị Nhung spa

Have you ever watch the film “ Taare zameen par”? it is a meaningful of India. Today I will share some feelings after watching this film as well as some experiences I have learned from it.
At the beginning of the film, we can see an interesting introduction with colorful images. These were drawn by the imagination of children. The main character is a special kid, his name is Ishaan. He studies too badly. He doesn’t like study any subject except drawing. Especially, he can not distinguish between “b” and “d”. He usually plays alone or with animals, not his friends. He also likes discovering life around him, even that he plays truant and walking alone on the street one day. The result of learning is too bad, but his parents do not know about this. Teachers punish him, classmates laugh at him as a strange kid. Furthermore, headmaster says that his parents should move him to special school for fault kids. They are very shocked, and decide take Ishaan to a boarding school. At there, Ishaan meets an enthusiastic teacher and the teacher help him to overcome the difficulties. The result is changed, especially he get the first price of the drawing contest of the school.
Through the film, we can realize that, parents should understand what children really want and what trouble they get. Teacher should:
– Find ability in each student and promote it to get success.
– Please give chances for them to create their ability.
– Teacher is a person who raise student’s dream, not make them to be a machine
– Create a good environment for students to develop
– Enthusiasm is very important, teachers find the difficulties which their student get and help them to solve their problems.
– Teacher is a good friend of student, beside them, talk to them and understand what they want, what they think
In conclusion, every kid is special; they have their own thought, their own ability. Teacher is a special job – educating people, so you should learn the way how to understand your student and help them as well as you can. Let’s a good teacher in your children’s eyes


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