“A special boy” Film – a good lesson in education

Through ‘Taare Zameen Par’ Film, I receive a deep lesson about education. It is enthusiasm, love children. It make thinking very much.
this film tell about boy who is night years old, is vey active and imaginable but he get ” hard to read”. He doesn’t understand teacher’s instruction, make trouble to write and read. So, he usually get bad mark in his test. Everyone in school think that he is mad , even your parent also think he lie to stop studying. his parent decided move him to other school and hope that he is better. But in fact , this make boy become bad, stress and he stop drawing- his hobby. In fact, this situation have the same in many other countries in the world. It is consider about mark, achievement. they don’t care student can get what in knowledge , or promote children’s talent. With traditional methods, they make pressure with student and make them sad, misunderstanding.
Everything shift when art teacher- Nikumbh appear. With enthusiasm and understanding students, they help Taare better. In this film, I trustily admired him. He is a teacher with enthusiasm and love children. He is very friendly, easy going with his student. He find the way to help Taare better. In this lesson, to change traditional methods, he creates many funny activities such as dancing, singing to motivate student in this lesson and give opportunity to student join in this lesson . He also tell about famous people to encourage student. Furthermore, he is person discovery talent of students. He ask students ‘ to think, to dream, to work’.
Through our writing, I hope that we should way to see about education. We need student learn to what, learn to do. It is not mark or achievement. We need find and promote talent of student, to children develop natural. Besides knowledge to teach student, teacher have to love children, enthusiasm, love their work


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