class routine

Class routine

      Students have to:

  1. reserve good quality of student such as solidary, friendly, modest, honest, so on.
  2. go to school on time.
  3. wear uniform every day.
  4. learn by heart, prepare fully learning’s aid before going to class, pay attention to lecture, take notice lesson.
  5. protect possession and equipment of school.
  6. take part in many activities, voluntary, protect environment.

Students don’t

  1. use bad language, drink alcohol, smoke, play cards, fight.
  2. bring phone, much money, gold, silver at school.

All of the students have to carry out seriously class routine. If students do well, you will be awarded. If not, you will be punished


Ancestors said that

“ Study manners first and then learn to read and write”

“ Tien hoc le, hau hoc van”

We give class routine to students so that they have good habit not only in school but also in the life. Before learning how to write, how to read, students need to study good manners such as solidary, friendly, modest, honest, so on. If students have more knowledge, less better quality, they will not do anything. Beside, teachers can control well class, students concentrate on the lesson.


If we hang class routine table on the wall, students isn’t interested in it. So, we should use different methods such as poster, pictures to describe class routine. Specially, we write English rules so that students remember new words and rules. But sometimes, rules make students not develop naturally owner capability.




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